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A new fanfiction archive!
This archive has just started, and i've only "begun" to fill it up. But, as most people know me, I ALWAYS get things done! I hope you enjoy the fanfic.
<*> Are new additions! Updated each weekend!

<*> Title: NOVEL: Extra-Sensory Perception
PART ONE - Chapters: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6
PART TWO - Chapters: 7
Author: Sarah Lantz
Category: X-Files case, mythology (sorta)
Rating: PG
Summary: What I would have done for the first sixth season episode. Has to do with ESP, dolphins, the vaccine, and the syndicate.

<*> Title: Twist of Fate
Author: Tanja
Category: Mulder/Scully Romance (married); S, R
Rating: PG-13 (a few suggestive remarks)
Summary: Pretending to be a couple, things change between Mulder and Scully! :::"Arcadia"?:::
<*> Title: Tell a Friend
Author: Tanja
Category: Mulder/Scully Romance; S, R
Rating: G
Summary: Mulder and Scully tell the same person how they feel about each other.
<*> Title: Moment of Truth
Author: Tanja
Category: Mulder/Scully Romance; S, R
Rating: G
Summary: Eddie van Blundth changes thinks between Mulder and Scully.
<*> Title: You're My Inspiration
Author: Tanja
Category: Mulder/Scully Romance; S, R
Rating: G
Summary: Mulder realizes how he feels about Scully and finally acts on it. *LONG*
<*> Title: From this Moment
Author: Tanja
Category: Mulder/Scully Romance; S, R
Rating: PG
Summary: Mulder, Scully and a surprise for Diana!
<*> Title: Burning for Eternity
Author: Dana!
Category: Mulder/Scully UST
Rating: PG
Summary: Scully's cancer hasn't gone into remission. How does Scully deal with this burden on her shoulders? And how will Mulder cope?
Author: "GVB"
Category: MulderTorture, MulderSweetLove, ScullyTorture-Love
Rating: NC-17
Summary: If Scully and Mulder got into a fight, a real fight, with some actual physical contact, who would win?
Title: In My Life
Author: SummerQ
Category:. V, A, UST but not overt MSR. Safe for non-squeamish NoRoMos
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Mulder reflects on the women in his life, and how they've changed it. Assumptions are made about his early childhood
Title: Honesty at Last
Author: Doeneshia
Category:. UST, MSR
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Remember when Mulder stole that vile of ova from the secret fertility clinic where all the male clones were trying to help their mothers? Well, in this scenario, he holds on to that vile and gives it to Scully after the death of Emily. (Prior to this story.) Scully has the ova stored in refrigeration at a facility in Washington D.C. run by a doctor from her medical school days whom she trusts. Time has passed and she has decided that she wants to have a baby.
Title: What the Heck Happened to Mulder!
Author: AV
Category:. Spoof, silly
Rating: G
Summary: What happened to Mulder when he was supposedly killed? Written after the annoying cliffhanger!
Title: {Untitled 1}
Author: Nikita
Category: Angst, MSR
Rating: PG-13
Summary:Just another romance between Mulder and Scully cause, well I guess everyone knows by now, I'm the hopeful romantic.
Title: {Untitled 2}
Author: Nikita
Category:. MSR, angst
Rating: G
Summary: It's a sequel to the 4th season cliffhanger so you may want to warn others of the spoilers...
Title: Small Potatoes: "Mirrored Emotions"
Author: MARS
Category:. MSR
Rating: PG
Summary: This is something I did before seeing the all too famous Small Potatoes. All I had was details of trailer and it seemed so tempting to make it into a "shipper's" story. Also there are one or two spoilers in here so for those that haven't seen 4th season. Choice is yours:)
Title: All in a Day's Work
Author: L. Roberts
Category:. MSR
Rating: PG-13
Summary: A normal day at the office turns out to be anything but when a figure from Mulder’s past returns and plots revenge against him that could spell trouble for him and Scully.
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