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Hello! This is one of the many "AV" things across the Internet! I have recently switched from ONEList to for my mailing list! Now I need to get my members to grow! I already have way over 750 members for my newsletter that I created! This mailing list JUST passed the 100 member mark, and is always looking for more!

Please sign up! You can chose if you want to get 'single' (you get the e-mails individually) or 'digest' (all the messages for the day are in one email). If you joined the ONElist mailng list, you were automatically switched to this one when I changed.

You will be able to talk to dozens and dozens (hundreds if you sign up) of philes on all the topics The X-Files can reach! From alien/UFOs to the Emmys! From the latest episode to your favorite episode of ALL TIME! Join now!

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You don't want to join yet? Not sure? Try our FAQ for the list!

Not satisfied with the answers in the FAQ? Please e-mail your question and I will get back to you ASAP!

Here are some other lists of my creation! If it says "AV," it is the right quality for you!

[ AVmillennium ]

Yep, I now have my own "Millennium" mailing list to have discussions of anything related to Chris Carter's second series!

[ AVouterlimits ]

I am also going to create a mailing list on the popular science-fiction show! We can discuss to old or new episodes of this GREAT show. Please sand by ... FOR "THE OUTER LIMITS!"

[ AVbooklist ]

This is a discussion on any books that you want! Old releases, new releases ... maybe even your OWN books! Read away ... then straight to your computer!

[ AVhorror ]

This list, as you can tell by the title, it for discussion on horror TV shows, movies, books, and theater (?) so if you are into that kind of stuff, feel free to join!

[ AVflix ]

This is a discussion on HORROR and SCIENCE-FICTION movies only!

Another XF list that I like:

[ Everything X-Files ]

This is an ALL X-FILES mailing list with just about everything to do about The X-Files! A great choice! Not my creating, but still great. Everyone is frindly and kind ... never and flames!

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