Title: All in a Day’s Work
Rating: PG-13
Author: L. Roberts
Category: MSR
Spoilers: none
Keywords: Mulder/Scully romance, angst
Summary: A normal day at the office turns out to be anything but when a figure from
Mulder’s past returns and plots revenge against him that could spell trouble for
him and Scully.
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1013 Productions and FOX. All other characters in this story belong to me.

All in a Day’s Work
By: L. Roberts

9:30 p.m.
Bar Outside of Washington D.C

As he sat there drinking his beer he smiled to himself, tomorrow he would make the
man responsible for his suffering pay. This man would pay for the eight years he had lost
in prison. He had been watching and studying this man for two months, and now he was
going to pay dearly. Yes, the dark gentleman smiled to himself, Agent Mulder is going to
pay dearly.

8:30 a.m.
F.B.I. Headquarters

Special Agent Dana Scully smiled to herself as she reached the door to the basement
office. What unexplainable case would her partner present her with today, and how would
she find a way to explain it. As each day past she found it harder and harder to come up
with plausible explanations, but she still came up with them.
As the door opened Agent Mulder, who was already hard at work smiled at the sight
of his partner. “Good morning Scully,” Mulder cheerfully stated.
A little to cheerful. “Good morning Mulder,” Scully replied with great caution in her
voice. She took her coat off and set her briefcase on the desk. As she took her seat she
gave Mulder a questionable look. Mulder laughed to himself, he had been expecting this
reaction. “Well Scully, I got some interesting news from Skinner this morning”
“How interesting Mulder,” Scully replied slowly as if she was trying to prepare herself
for what might come next. “Well looks like we are heading to Oregon to investigate some
unexplainable disappearances of chemical plant workers.” Seeing the expression on his
partners face Mulder continued quickly, “Come on Scully we always have so much fun in
Oregon,” he said with a boyish smile, referring of course to their first case together.
“When do we leave Mulder?” Scully asked trying to hide a laugh. “3 o’clock. Skinner
would like to see you before we leave, I’m not sure why he wouldn’t say.” “OK then I
better go now then” she sighed.
“Cheer up Scully, today’s going to be fun”
If only Mulder knew how wrong he was, today would be anything but fun.

8:45 a.m.
outside F.B.I. Headquarters

He had watched Agent Mulder enter work a seven and his partner enter about an hour
and a half later. He figured this was it. It was time. He entered FBI Headquarters
dressed as an agent he had killed the night before. He looked so much like this agent he
would be able to get passed the guards no problem. Once he was in he would make his
way to Mulder’s office. The plan was to kill his partner first to make him suffer as much
as possible, before he blew him away.
That was the plan. But as he stepped off the elevator he caught the sight of a pretty
redhead and his plans changed.

9:00 a.m.
Skinner’s Office

Agent Scully took a deep breath as she headed to Assistant Director Skinner’s office.
What could what he what she wondered. As she stepped into his office she saw he
assistant wasn’t at her desk. She paused for a second wondering if she should go in or
not. She decided to knock. As she did she turned around realizing she wasn’t alone.
When she turned around she looked into a man’s face that could only be described evil.
“Good morning Agent Scully” he stated in a sing-song-voice, “So nice to finally meet
you.” As he said this he drew a gun from his jacket pocket. At this moment Skinner
opened his door and as he saw the man draw his gun he went for his own. But the man
was to fast he grabbed Agent Scully and put his gun to her head, ‘Drop it now he yelled,”
and Skinner obeyed. The man took Skinner’s gun as well as Scully’s and removed the
clips. Then he told Skinner to get in his office and then he shoved Scully in as well. He
then turned to the crowd that had assembled due to the commotion. “Tell Agent Mulder I
would like to speak with him. And if anyone tries anything I will shoot these people
without hesitation.

Mulder’s Office

Mulder sat at his desk eating sunflower seeds as he tried to prepare for the Oregon
case. As he was working there was a rapid knocking at his door. “Come in” he said a
little startled. Agent Kaitlin Williams rushed in. She looked like she had run the whole
way down there. She looked scared and upset.
“What’s wrong,” Mulder asked his mind racing, he barley knew this Agent what could
she want? “Its Agent Scully sir...” she began. “What happened” Mulder jumped out of
his chair and ran to Agent Williams.
“Listen Agent Mulder. There is a man upstairs. He is holding Agent Scully and AD
Skinner at gun point in Skinner’s office. He said he wants to speak to you, and if anyone
tries to do anything he will shoot Scully and Skinner. Mulder turned white with fear,
“Lets go” were the only words he could mange to get out.

Skinner’s Office

Scully and Skinner both sat on the floor in the corner of the office, handcuffed. All the
doors had been locked. Their captor paced the room, his gun in one hand, Skinner’s
phone in the other. “Who are you and what do you want?” Skinner asked forcefully. The
man answered simply, “For Agent Mulder to pay, my name is not important, but if you
wish to address me you can call me Phil. Now be quiet!”
“What do you what with us,” Scully asked impatiently, “this will not get you anywhere.
You are in the middle of F.B.I Headquarters, what do you think you can possibly get
accomplished?” The man walked over to Agent Scully. He knelt down and looked her in
the eye. Then he slapped her across the face. “ENOUGH, now SHUT UP,” he yelled as
Skinner’s phone began to ring. “Let the games began,” Phil stated in his sing-song tone.

Outside Skinner’s Office

Mulder paced back and forth as he waited for someone to pick up the phone. Around
him the necessary people had been assembled, but they could not act. He had two
hostages, one of them an Assistant Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigations, this
was a very serious situation. But he also had Scully. Mulder closed his eyes in a silent
prayer, hoping she was all right. Suddenly someone picked up the phone.
“Agent Mulder,” the man stated in his unique sing-song voice. “Yes, Who are you and
what do you want?” Mulder calmly replied. “Think hard Agent Mulder. Think about
eight years ago, your a very smart man, I have faith you will figure it out.”
Mulder thought for a moment. Eight years ago. Violent Crimes Division. Then it hit
him-Phillip Lee Miller. Oh my god, Mulder thought. How did he get out. “What do you
want Mr. Miller?” Mulder said crisply into the phone. “Phil, Mulder, Phil we old friends.
As for what I want, I want you to suffer like I did, until I escaped that is.” Mulder winced
he knew where this was going.
“Let me talk to Scully,” he asked calmly. “Yeah right. Don’t think so. Dana and
Walter are a little busy right now,” he went on, “I just want to remind you that it you do
anything, I will kill these two people before you have a chance to say goodbye to them. I
will call you back in a minute, I need to chat with Dana for awhile.”
Mulder looked at the phone as it went dead. “Who is this man Agent Mulder and what
does he want with Assistant Director Skinner?” Agent Williams asked very carefully but
officially. “His name is Phillip Lee Miller. He is a serial killer that I arrested eight years
ago. He was my last case with the Violent Crimes Division. Miller’s case was just
horrible. I decided that I had enough, and I transferred to the Behavioral Science Section,
and then of course I found the X Files. As For Skinner that’s not who Miller is after.
Agent Scully is. Skinner just got in the way.” “Why Scully,” Williams asked
questionably. “He is trying to get to me. He wants to me to pay,” Mulder turned and
faced the wall, Miller was good. Mulder just prayed that on this day he could be better.
He had to be for Scully.

Skinner’s Office

Miller went over to where Scully was sitting and grabbed her and dragged her over to
Skinner’s desk and sat her down. “So Agent Scully, Are you and Agent Mulder ya know
doing it?” Scully looked at him. She was getting pretty sick of his sing-song tone. “No”
was all she would reply. Miller slapped her across the face, “Wrong answer, I don’t like
liars.” “I’m not lying.” He slapped her again. This time harder, it echoed across the
“Stop that now!” Skinner yelled. He couldn’t just sit there and watch this happen.
“That’s enough out of you,” Miller turned and pulled his gun, and he shot Skinner.
Skinner cried out in pain and hit the floor. Scully screamed in horror, “Skinner” she
yelled. “I think its time to call Mulder don’t you?” Miller asked almost innocently.

Outside Skinner’s Office

Mulder’s face turned as a white as a sheet when he heard the gun go off. Silence
spread throughout the crowd assembled outside of Skinner’s office. It was so quiet that
when Mulder’s phone rang everyone jumped a mile.
“Mulder” Mulder said into the phone, as a force of habit, the gunshot still ringing
through his head. “Did you hear that Mulder, huh. Now you know this is no joke. Your
pretty partner will be next if you don’t listen to me. I want all those people out in the
hallway gone.” Miller was yelling now, no more playing games, he meant business, “they
better me gone in five minutes.” and he hung up.
Mulder turned to everyone to and yelled, “Everyone out! Now!” “You have to be
kidding. We can’t leave, AD Skinner has been shot.” Agent Williams yelled back.
“Everyone out, I don’t car, I will deal with this.” No one else wanted to try to reason
with Mulder, not in the state he was in now. They left, but told they Mulder they were not
going to far, or going for long.
Mulder called Miller back. “Okay its just you and me Phil, now what.” “Mulder your
partner is very pretty, have you noticed?” Miller asked in his sing-song voice. Mulder
thought carefully about his next words, of course he had noticed, but that was what Miller
wanted him to say. “What do you want, Miller” Mulder replied getting impatient. As he
said this the phone went dead. Mulder stunned took the phone away from his ear, and set
it on the desk,, now what had he done?

Just then Skinner’s door opened and Miller appeared. “Seemed silly to be talking on
the phone when you were in the next room.” Mulder tried to look in the room. He could
see Skinner lying on the floor, unconscious and bleeding. Miller pushed Mulder back
aiming his gun at him. “I would like your gun Agent Mulder, both of them.” Mulder took
one gun from the holster on his shoulder, and the one on his ankle and gave them to
Miller. When this was finished Miller grabbed Scully and pushed her into the doorway.
Scully’s face was red from being slapped, her eyes swollen from crying. When Mulder
saw her his heart broke. Again she was suffering because of him., just like so many times
“Get on your knees, Dana” ordered Miller. Scully obeyed his request. She also kept
her eyes from Mulder’s gaze. “Dana has something to tell you Fox, go ahead Dana tell
him.” Miller said encouraging her like a little child who had something to confess.
Scully began to cry, till Miller knelt down and put his face and his gun to her ear and
whispered, “Remember what I said,” then he resumed his position and pointed the gun at
the back of her head. “Now tell him Dana.”
“Mulder,” Scully started so quietly you could barley hear her. “LOUDER!!” Miller
screamed. Mulder looked at Scully on her knees crying, and he thought he would die
right there, he just couldn’t bear to watch this any longer,
“Mulder...I...I hate you. I don’t trust you. I don’t believe in you, I never have...”
Before she had finished she was crying so hard she couldn’t speak any longer. “Go Dana,
the rest!!” Miller screamed. “I can’t...I can’t” she stammered. “You will or else”
Scully stopped crying and raised her head and looked into Mulder’s eyes for the first
time since this hole ordeal had started. Mulder was now crying, his eyes full of fear and
hurt. He knew Scully didn’t mean the words that she was saying, he knew in his heart, but
hearing her say them still hurt...bad. He loved her more then life its self, and hearing her
say these hurtful words, even if she was being forced to say them, was almost to much for
him to bear.
“Mulder...I...I...”she began then stopped, smiled at him and stated in a little louder
voice, “Mulder, I love you.”
This was not what Miller wanted to hear, he saw Mulder start to smile and he snapped.
He grabbed Scully off the ground and started screaming, “Agent Scully, you don’t flow
directions very well, now you will learn.” He threw her against the wall and she fell to the
ground in a heap and lost consciousness.
Mulder cried out in horror. “You will pay, both of you.” Miller said as he raised his
gun at Scully who lead lifelessly on the floor. “How does it feel to suffer, huh Fox?” As
his finger went to squeeze the trigger a shot rang out, but from behind.
Miller hit the floor, revealing a new figure standing in the doorway. “Good thing I
keep this gun in my desk,” Skinner weakly replied. Mulder stood for a second stunned,
not really believing it was over.


All the other Agents ran in to the room at the sound of the shot. Many ran to Skinner
who had again collapsed. Mulder ran to Scully.
“Dana, Dana wake up its all over,” Mulder said softly taking Scully in his arms. She
began to stir. “Dana are you all right?” “Yes Mulder,” she weakly replied as she sat up.
She looked in his eyes as the tears started to fall again, “I am so sorry about what I said to
you, he said he would shot you if I didn’t.” “I hope your not sorry about EVERYTHING
you said. Scully smiled, she knew what he meant.
“No Mulder, not everything.” Mulder smiled, as helped her stand up. He took her in
hiss arms and kissed lightly on the forehead, trying to avoid the others stares he learned
over to her ear and whispered “I love you to Dana.” Scully wanted to kiss him right there,
but she couldn’t not in front of everyone, there would be time for that later, and so much
Scully and Mulder broke their embrace to go check on Skinner who was being treated
by the paramedics, he was awake again. “How are you doing, Sir?” Scully asked her
voice full of concern. “I’ll live” was a the reply he gave. Mulder quietly said, “Sir you
saved our lives, how can we every thank you?” “It was all in a days work Agent Mulder”
Skinner replied with a smile. Mulder gave a little laugh as the paramedics returned to take
Skinner to the hospital.
When everyone had left Mulder turned to Scully and said, “Well we have a plane to
catch Agent Scully to the “plausible state” of Oregon .” Scully just looked at him and just
shook her head. She knew he wasn’t serious, then again maybe he was. She pulled
Mulder into an embrace and kissed him and said “Do you really what to leave Mulder” she
said as she gave him a seductive smile. Mulder smiled, well maybe they could leave