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Hello, there! This is the newly re-constructed X-Files Newsletter Page! You may not know, but there are over 830 members now . . . and the numbers keep growing thanks to you! I've made this page so you can access your account with minimal trouble and maximal success! If you enjoy this newsletter (which I'm sure you will) there AV's X-Files Mailing List that might be PERFECT for you!

For those of you who aren't members, I encourage you to join! Not only with you get the latest X-Files spoilers and information, you will be able to submit X related stuff to me . . . and it will enter into the newsletter for all to see! Along with that, you get quizzes, polls, favorite quotes, gossip . . . and more!

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Not quite sure yet? Well, you could always look at the archive of issues! These will be good to see what the newsletter is like!

Before you ask a question, PLEASE check out my FAQ! If there is a question that you have, still, e-mail me and I will answer it ASAP!
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