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Welcome to 'Homepage Helper'!
This is a new section for those of you who want help in starting a webpage... of if you want some tips on how to make it better. Please email me comments about the page because I'd love to hear what you have to say. You can also notify me if there is a service that could be placed on this page, or if there are broken links!

1. Learning HTML
Before you start a webpage, you need to know how to write HTML. There are several webpages that will help you with this.

Having problems with finding the right color? Color Maker will help you!

2. Graphics
In order for a page to look great, it needs graphics! But be careful that your page doesn't take too long to load! Here are some good places to go to:

  • Webgfx (You can make graphics for your site for free!)
  • Paint Shop Pro (Download this program and make wonderful designs!)
  • GifWizard (Picture size too big? Come here a reduce their size!)
3. Hosting
Now that you have the basics, you need to world to see your page. Your Internet Service Provider usually gives you some web space (AOL, Cyberus, Earthlink, etc.) but there are many sites willing to have your for FREE!

4. JavaScript
Now that you have your page up, it is time to improve your site! Adding JavaScript will make your site more interactive and fun for visitors. These are the best places:

5. Extra
What to do now? Well there are a few things!

6. HTML Editors
There are great programs (like the one I use) that you can write HTML in, and they help you with forms, text styles, and editing code.


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