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HTML Fragments! Must read!
This is the HTML Fragment section of the page. You must replace the ID_HERE with the site ID you'll be getting.

There are dozens to chose from, so I hope you find something of your liking. In the email you get when you sign up, there is a customized version, so you can pick that one.

|| Moving Graphics ||
|| Silly / Warped / Funny ||
|| Regualr Duo #1 || Regular Duo #2 ||
|| Shippy / MSR Graphics ||
|| Misc. X-Files Graphics ||
|| Fox Mulder / David Duchovny ||
||Dana Scully / Gillian Anderson ||
|| Other Characters / Actors ||
|| Image Maps [below] ||

Contest Graphics have been removed... but the graphics can be found around in their proper categories!

Image Map

|| Random || Main ||

<map name="avxfiles">
<area shape=rect coords="0,0,120,120" href=;random>
<area shape=rect coords="50,120,75,135" href=>
<area shape=rect coords="10,135,115,145" href=;random>
<IMG USEMAP="#avxfiles" SRC="" BORDER=0>
<font size=-2 face="arial"> || <A HREF="" target="_top">Random</A> || <A HREF="" target="_top">Main</A> ||


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The X-Files and Millenium Banner Exchange

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