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How to play:
For each of the games, ten things that frequently happen in X-Files episodes are listed. Come Sunday night, get the beverage of your choice eg. Vodka, Whiskey, beer (if you choose beer, take more than a shot.) Have your shot glasses ready, and when one of the ten items on the list for your game occurs in the show, it's bottoms up- and reload. Continue until you are out of liquid or the show ends. An easy and fun way to get drunk with your friends!

Alternative Rules for Non-Drinkers:
As in the standard game, there are ten items listed in the game you choose (the third one is probably the best for this). Either set up your TV near a sink or have a jug of water ready. Each participant drinks a full, normal sized glass of water when any item occurs. The first one who has to go to the bathroom (or wets the couch) loses, the one who can hold it in the longest, wins!

Original (Impractical) X-Files Drinking Game:
1. Whenever Mulder is called "Spooky Mulder."
2. Every time a reference is made to Mulder's obsession with porn.
3. Whenever Mulder is called "Fox."
4. Every time Cancer man lights a cigarette.
5. If they ever drive a car other than a Ford Taurus.
6. Every time Deep Throat or Mr. X is called. (Or when Mulder meets with one on a foggy, dark night.)
7. Every time Mulder mentions his sister's abduction.
8. Every time Scully is seen examining internal organs of some corpse.
9. Whenever Mulder runs off and leaves Scully to get attacked just so he can save the day.
10. If Mulder or Scully is in a dark scary place and one of them drops or loses a flashlight.

Get-Pissed-Quick X-Files Drinking Game
1. Every time Mulder or Scully pulls out their gun.
2. Every time either's cell-phone rings.
3. Any time a new human with special powers or non-human shows up.
4. Whenever Mulder is driving with Scully in the passenger seat.
5. Any time Mulder or Scully is attacked.
6. Whenever there is a really cool camera shot (use your judgment)
7. Every time someone calls Mulder "Agent Mulder" or "Fox" or "Spooky Mulder".
8. Any time some one is killed during the night.
9. Whenever Scully or Mulder is using a computer.
10. Every time the word "X-Files" is used.

Of course, these aren't the only things you can look for. You can make up your own changing the rules a bit, what to find, and how much to drink (and what) so have fun!


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