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1X79 "Pilot"

FBI Agent Dana Scully is paired with maverick agent Fox Mulder, who has made it his life's work to explore unexplained phenomena. The two are dispatched to investigate the mysterious deaths of a number of high school classmates.

**** This episode was great! It was the first episode ever made and it introduced "Spooky" Mulder to Scully very well. The case they were investigating wasn't very interesting ... but watching the old episodes just brings back memories.

1X01 "Deep Throat"

Acting on a tip from an inside source. Mulder and Scully travel to Idaho to investigate unusual disappearances of army test pilots.

[Never seen it. I have heard that it is really good, and you need to see it to understand the mythology WELL! D'oh!]

1X02 "Squeeze"

Mulder and Scully try to stop a mutant killer who can squeeze through the smallest place. He hibernates and wakes up every 30 years to commit murder.

***** BY far, one of the best episodes ever made. The scariest part about the episode was that Tooms killed people regardless of gender, race, religion ... it was random! The squeezing scenes were very well done!

1X03 "Conduit"

A teenage girl is abducted by aliens, compelling Mulder to confront feelings about his sister's disappearance.

** This episode was a little on the boring side. Sure, there were a few good moments, but it was hard to concentrate on what was happening. We find out more about Mulder's background and his sister's abduction ... but I wouldn't recommend watching this episode over "Squeeze" (awesome episode).

1X04 "The Jersey Devil"

Scully and Mulder investigate murders thought to be the work of a legendary man-beast living in the New Jersey woods.

*** It was a good episode. I like how The X-Files manages to hide blood, gore and violent scenes from the audience making it almost a family show ("Home" is the only exception). It wasn't as exciting as the previews showed, but those are always mean to make you watch it!

1X05 "Shadows"

Mulder and Scully investigate unusual murders committed by and unseen force protecting a young woman.

** <Sigh> This episode was dull. Dull ... dull ... dull ... dull ... oh, sorry, I trailed off there! It is classic supernatural-unseen powers episode ("Excelsius Dei," "Space," and "Soft Light" are other similar episode involving such phenomenon). I wouldn't see it over another better episode, but if you haven't seen it: Watch it ... just for the X info!

1X06 "Ghost in the Machine"

A computer with an artificial intelligence begins killing in order to preserve its existence.

*** I particularly enjoyed this episode, partially because of technology becoming intelligent enough to destroy us (it is really coming ... DESTROY ALL TOASTERS) and take us over! I would see it several times! (_8^(|) This was a neat, slick sci-fi thriller with all the trimmings ... it was just a little slow to get into! There are several good part, but it takes too long to get to the *good* parts! There are some cool scenes in the elevator that make your heart go "WOAH," but that is all! If you have never seen it, the ending it the BEST!

1X07 "Ice"

Mulder and Scully and a small party are trapped in the Arctic after the unexplained deaths of research team on assignment there.

**** This was a GREAT, creepy episode. There were awesome special effects with the worm things crawling inside the people. It was neat to see how several people alone in the middle of nowhere could act! Everyone seemed to go insane in their own little was (some violent, so just a little weird), but all in all, a good episode!

1X08 "Space"

A mysterious force is sabotaging the US's space shuttle program and Mulder and Scully must stop it before the next launch.

* One thing to say: "YAWNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!" The teaser is the only hope this episode has of bringing the viewers. The *only* exciting part was at the beginning, but then it all goes downhill from there! There is strange incident and strange incident (none of which are really scary) before you finally fall asleep and wake up just as you see the ending credits! This episode makes you glad there are such things as "commercials."

1X09 "Fallen Angel"

Scully and Mulder investigate a possible UFO crash site, which Mulder says the government is trying to cover up. Check out "Tempus Fugit" (Season 4) and "Max" (Season 4) for this episode's sequel.

*** "OK." It is all I can really say. "OK." It is not very boring (neat scene at the end with Max Fenig floating in the air) or too gruesome ("Home" ... UGH!). I recommend it to anyone who hasn't seen it! I liked the sequels a little more than the original, though! Watch all three in 3 hours straight and you will have an "X" blast!

1X10 Eve

Two bizarre, identical murders occur simultaneously on different coasts, each involving a strange young girl.

*** this was a good episode. Lots of creepy scenes and happenings. It isn't very important to TXF mythology, but it would be good to see if you haven't yet! It brings the idea of clones to The X-Files for the first time (before you know Samantha is a clone) and done it well!

1X11 Fire

Mulder and Scully encounter an assassin who can start fires with the touch of his hand.

*** This episode is what you would say: "Take it, or leave it!" It is good, and bad. Not too exciting, but not too dull. The neatest and best part in the episode is the end ... so you have a ways to go before it get REALLY good!

1X12 Beyond the Sea

Scully and Mulder seek the aid of a death-row inmate, Luther Lee Boggs, who claims to have psychic abilities, to help them stop a killer on the loose.

*** I've heard this episode are some people's favorite of the first season (Official X-Files Magazine Issue 6), but there really isn't anything good about it. Scully's father dies from a heart attack and she se visions of him. It goes on and on until: Ending credits ... FINALLY!

1X13 Genderbender

Scully and Mulder seek answers to a bizarre series of murders committed by one person who kills as both male and female.

* DUMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No plot, boring, some funny bits (of course) but nothing else that makes The X-Files, The X-Files.

1X14 Lazarus

When an FBI agent and a bank robber are both shot during a heist, the robber is killed but the agent begins take on the criminal's persona.

** OK. This is a neat episode. But nothing more. You couldn't find and exciting plot in that script if you let Byers, Langly and Frohike look at it! (In other words, there really is none!)

1X15 Young at Heart

Mulder finds that a criminal he put away who was supposed to have died in prison has returned, taunting him as he commits a new spree of crimes.

[Haven't seen it.]

1X16 E.B.E.

Scully and Mulder discover evidence of a government cover-up when they learn that a UFO shot down in Iraq has been secretly transported to the U.S.

**** This is the first episode that we learn about government coverups ("Fallen Angel" I think had it too)! Even better: We first meet The Lone Gunmen! The quirky team of "computer geeks" are introduced (learn more about them in "Unusual Suspects" Season five). A good episode all around!

1X17 Miracle Man

The agents investigate a young faith healer who seems to use his powers for both good and evil.

** The episode had a good premise, but then it all went down the crapper. The ending seemed tacked on. The episode was dragging and long (it seemed) and we have hear and seen of this story all before. A healer: Original ... NO!

1X18 Shapes

Mulder and Scully travel to an Indian reservation to examine deaths caused by a beast-like creature.

*** Interesting episode! Interesting indeed! I don't remember it very well, but what I do remeber is that I liked it! Werewolf ...

1X19 Darkness Falls

Mulder and Scully are called in when loggers in a remote Pacific Northwest forest mysteriously disappear.

***** A realy good, creepy, suspenseful episode! One of the few episodes that I have seen over ten times over! You were always full of wonder and tension! The writer (whoever you are) did a GREAT job keeping the suspense to the very end. A twist ending ... a GOOD twist ending! I won't spoil the ending, but those of you who haven't seen it it is on tape, so go to your local video store and rent it!

1X20 Tooms

Mulder becomes personally involved when Eugene Tooms, the killer who hibernates for 30 years and eats human livers is released from prison.

***** An awesome follow-up on the other five-star (*****) episode later on in the season! It continuesthe story of Eugene Victor Tomms as he squeezes his way around the city looking for liver. There will not be a sequel ever ... and you will find out why! <sigh>

1X21 Born Again

A series of murders is linked to a little girl who may be the reincarnated spirit of a murdered policeman.

[ Never seen it.]

1X22 Roland

Mulder and Scully investigate the murders of two rocket scientists apparently linked to a retarded janitor.

* This episode was the dullest of the season! Why, even the teaser was boring and uninteresting ... and that is suposed to be the part that gets the viewer's attention!

1X23 The Erlenmeyer Flask

Working on a tip from Deep Throat, Mulder and Scully discover that the government has been testing alien DNA on humans with a disastrous result.

**** A good finale! It makes the view want to see the next season (which they want to do!) and still keep them guessing and chatting (on Internet) about what will happen next!


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