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Here are some original nitpicks ... none from the nitpicker's guide ... there is not much, but it will do just fine:

"Kwik Pik" -- Chose an episode you want to see nitpicked: [ Chinga | Travelers | Folie a Deux ]


1. in the beginning of the episode Scully makes a comment to mulder while shes on her cell phone in the gas station that the "weather is clear" however the sky looks gloomy (typical Vancouver)

2. In the scene with the marry me line Mulder talks down to her syaing maybe she doesnt know what shes looking for. He knows that she does though especialy after working on cases such Die Hand Die Verletzt, The calusari, and Sangunarium. She then goes on to prove that she does know what shes talking about but why would he ever doubt her?

3. Mulder was dribbling the basketball in his apartment there was a small circle of light on his cieling for no aparent reason

4. While shes having lunch with Jack, the cop, she notices a man outside by the dock that looks like he might be helpful in her case. When it shows her questioning him however its night. That means she either left and returned later hoping that the man that might be crucial to her case would still be there (pretty risky) or she took a long time to eat her lunch.

5. The first time this episode aired was in February 1998. The episodes usually follow pretty close to our time but lets say that it could be any time between December and March. He says that he got the poster five years ago on M street. That would mean that he got the poster towards the end of 92 or the end of 93 but the first episode carries a date of April 1992 and he has the poster. Hes about a year off with his calculations.


1. Mulder had on a wedding ring! We have found that this is indeed in the episode for a purpose ... so lets hope we find out what it is!

"Folie A Deux"

1. Mulder is given a tape to listen to of the phone call with the guy saying hes here when we see mulder listening to it he listens to it on a reel. why is that?

2. Scully says "we need to find another way" that line was also used in momento mori, another episode written Vince Gilligan (not really a nit just something i noticed)

3. At the end in the hospital scene Mulder makes a comment about how long theyve known each other and that its been five years. Actually its been six years, they meat on April 6, 1992 (which means that the first season spanned two years and they make this mistake all the time)

4. another note at some point in the episode it states the day as August 9th, thats Gillian Anderson's birthday

since Chinga was just on ill do that one too (you can put it in this issue or wait till the next one because well i start school next week)

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