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Here is my collection of X-Files links! Please look at them all and join whatever possible on their pages!

Aw, were you left off this page? Well, send me your addy with the subject "Link Page" and you will be added ASAP!

The Sev Files
The Sev Files: A cartoon spoof of The X-Files.

Nats-Andrea-Maclau's X-Files Shrine: This page is a great X-Files ressource! It has a webring, info, and is the founder of The Bee Squad, to which I am a member!

David Duchovny Drool Brigade: You must see this page if you are a fan of David Duchovny... or even if you are not. Lots of info and interesting things!

The X-Tour: Take a tour of the filming of The X-Files in Vancouver!

The X-Files: For the Detail-Obsessed X-Phile: A great page for those of you who like to pay attention to the show's little details. And for those who are just curious... ckeck it out!

A Shipper's Heaven: A page for the shipper. Great page indeed!

Jody's Gillian Anderson Galley: If you want pictures of GA (and good ones at that) you NEED to check out this place!

Operation MSR - Fanfic Archive: All "Mulder-Scully Relationship" fanfic, all the time!

Mostly Monochrome X-Files: An X-Files page in the true essence! Black, grey, white ...

The Official X-Files Site: This is the official X-Files site with an episode guide, message board, chat, FAQ, videos, upcoming episode, and SOOOOO much more!

Dana Scully's Homepage: A great page with lots of information! This is one site you don't want to miss ... treat yourself!

The X Files Internet Link Enthusiasts Society: This is the BEST X-Files Page that I have been to in all the time I've been of the Internet. It has a quiz, episode guide, pictures, links, a webring, and a lot more! GREAT NEW DESIGN!

Deny Everything - Chris Zawadski's X-Files page: There is loads of X-Files information here! Lots all of the seasons, and he has got a newsletter and mailing list so be sure to sign up for that!

This is a great page all the way from Sweden, there's a lot there, and if you stop by, remember to join 'Another Bleeping X-Files Association'!

Kim's X-Files Page (Made by Guru): This is a great page! It is a nicely set out page which is easy to navigate. There are loads of pictures here, and some useful movie info, so it is well worth looking at! This is a very good X-Files page ... check it out and spend some time looking around and checking out every area!

The Church of X: Visit this page and stay a while. Great fun for any Phile!

WWSD: What Would Scully Do?

wwwCOW Aliens Site: Aliens pictures and more!

Chris' Rather Pathetically Small Section of the HUGE Internet World: This contains an X-Files page (pictures only) and a South Park page (picture only). Come awhile and ... well ... I guess all you can do is sit at you computer, look at your watch and watch his picture load at an agonizingly slow rate. HAVE FUN! heheheheh


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