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Here is a collection of things that will test you "phileness":

" ... Chris Carter has appeared in only one episode: 'Anasazi'?"

" ... the airplane manifest from 'Little Green Men' was made up of names of people from the internet?"

" ... David Duchovny used to be a meat delivery boy in Greenwich Villiage? He rode a silver bike and people would always throw things at him!"

" ... the first thing Gillian Anderson would say to an alien if she encountered one is 'hello.'"

" ... Gillian Anderson likes women who give her strong handshakes!"

" ... the abandoned mining company building in "Paper Clip" was filmed next to the quarry where "Anasazi" was filmed!"

" ... Mary Astadourian plays an important role in XF. In addition to being CC's executive assistant, she also had a character named after her in the XF game, and a lighting company in "D.P.O.," entitled "Astadourian's Lighting Observatory!"

" ... the number on the boxcar in 'Nisei' (82594) is the date that CC directed the emmy-nominated 'Duane Barry'- the first time he stepped behind cameras."

" ... The Foo Fighter's drummer and his wife appear as extra's in 'Pusher!'"

" ... 'Jose Chung' was named after a writer who kept calling John Shiban asking about a script he submitted!"

" ... that Chris Owens (Agent Spender) has played the young Cigarette-Smoking Man ('Demons') and the Great Mutato ('Post-Modern Prometheus')?"

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