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Occurrences of 11/21:

Chris Carter's Wife's Birthday (Dori Pierson) 11/21/48
Pilot - time on Scully's clock: 11:21
Deep Throat - Colonel Budahas' birthday: 11/21/48
Fire - the case is X-File #11214893
Miracle Man - Autopsy time: 11:21
Erlenmeyer Flask - time on Scully's clock: 11:21
The Host - Autopsy case #DP112148 (initials & full b'day)
Irresistible - time on Scully's clock: 11:21
Colony - time on Scully's motel room clock: 11:21
F. Emasculata - Package #DPP112148 (initials & full b'day)
Paper Clip - Samantha Mulder's birthday: 11/21/65
Syzygy - Time Mulder brings first girl to police station: 11:48 (birth day&year)
Piper Maru - Flight 1121 to Washington
Talitha Cumi - time when Mulder first visits his mother at the hospital: 11:21
Talitha Cumi - time when Scully is working at her computer: 11:21
Unrequited - time when Mulder & Scully see the upset woman at the war memorial: 11:48 (birth day&year)
Redux - time one of the calls was made (from above Mulder's apartment): 11:21
Travelers - date Mulder first meets Arthur Dales: 11/21/1990
The Movie - the time Mulder goes to the Dallas Field Office, where Scully joins him and analyses the fossils: 11:21
The Movie - a number on one of the domes in Antarctica: 1121
Ground Zero (X-Files novel by Kevin J. Anderson) - Time stamp on chapter three - 11:21 a.m.
Antibodies (X-Files novel by Kevin J. Anderson) - Time stamp on chapter eleven - 11:21 a.m.

Occurrences of 10/13:

Chris Carter's birthday 10/13/56
Chris Carter's production company
Pilot - autopsy time: 10:56 (month & year)
Deep Throat - case file #DF101364
Deep Throat - thug's license number: CC1356 (initials,day&year)
The Erlenmeyer Flask - door # 1056 (month&year)
Little Green Men - 1013 on 'WOW Signal'
The Host - John Doe #101356 (full birth date)
End Game - top of Mulder's letter - To: Dana Scully,001013
Paper Clip - Fox Mulder's birthday 10/13/61
D.P.O. - 10th high score on video game had a time of 10:56
2Shy - time Mulder & Scully get Incanto's skin test results back: 10:13
731 - Combination to unlock train door #101331
Apocrypha - door # where alien is held (& Krycek): 1013
Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man - Security Council Resolution # for the immediate extermination of EBE's: #1013
Max - Time on Skinner's watch, 10:56 (month & yr)
Redux II - time when Mulder & Samantha are talking in the diner: 10:13
Emily - one of the dates on the manifest (assumed to be the date Scully's ovum were harvested)
The Movie Soundtrack - The "hidden" track on The X-Files: The Album takes place 10 minutes and 13 seconds into the last track
The Movie on Video - The X-Files movie will be released on 10/13/1998.
Ground Zero (X-Files novel by Kevin J. Anderson) - Time stamp on Chapter two - 10:13 a.m.
Antibodies (X-Files novel by Kevin J. Anderson) - Time stamp on chapter twenty-two - 10:13 a.m.

Occurrences of 9/25:

Gillian's Daughter Piper's Birthday 9/25/94
Død Kälm - boat and life raft number: 925
F. Emasculata - Wife's house number: 925
F. Emasculata - Time boy buys bus ticket: 9:25
Teliko - Aboah's birth date: 9/25/62
Demons - Mulder asks the doctor to "treat" him again at 9:25pm
Emily - birth date of a "healthy baby girl": 9/25/94 (Piper's exact birth date)

Occurrences of 5/17:

Frank Spotnitz's wife was born 5/17
End Game - Top of Mulder's letter - From: Fox Mulder, 000517
Nisei & 731 - Number on the boxcar: 82517
Apocrypha - Case Number: 621517
Apocrypha - The number on Krycek's key & on the locker: 517
WetWired - Time Mulder arrives at the house at the end of the episode: 5:17pm
Teliko - Time Scully arrives at work: 5:17am

We finally have an answer!
According to Trust No One, the Official Third Season Guide to the X-Files, there is no significance to the numbers 111471 or the letters JTTO -- they just keep appearing to keep us confused and guessing! Well, as long as they go through the trouble to tease us, I'll go through the trouble to keep listing them!

Duane Barry - the price of Scully's groceries - $11.14
Duane Barry - the receiver in Mulder's ear - model ID-111471
Irresistible - time and date of autopsy - 11:14 on November 14th
F. Emasculata/Paper Hearts - Mulder's badge number - JTTO4710111
731 - door code (for entry) - 1111471
Piper Maru - number on plane - JTTO111470
Teliko - Scully's badge number - JTTO331613
Redux - time one of the calls was made from the apartment above Mulder's - 11:14
Songs in the Key of X - JTTO is among the "people" thanked by Chris Carter
The X-Files: The Album - JTTO is again among the "people" thanked by Chris Carter


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