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    September 19, 1998

    It has been confirmed that the X-Files Movie: FTF is coming out October 13th! The computers of over 10 different video stores confirm it!

    September 20, 1998

    Per today's NY Daily News: CC has confirmed a sequel to FTF due out in movie theaters in 2000 after the 7th, and last, season of the X-Files. Both DD and GA have signed on to co-star in the movie. The movie starts filming next summer.

    September 13, 1998

    Well, the Emmys are over. I'll bet all X-Files fans are pretty disappointed that their favorite show didn't get any awards. They DID in fact get 2 awards at the Technical Emmys:

    OUTSTANDING ART DIRECTION FOR A SERIES The X-Files The Post-Modern Prometheus FOX Ten Thirteen Productions in association with 20th Century Fox Television Graeme Murray, Production Designer; Greg Loewen, Art Director; Shirley Inget, Set Decorator 

    OUTSTANDING SINGLE-CAMERA PICTURE EDITING FOR A SERIES The X-Files Kill Switch FOX Ten Thirteen Productions in association with 20th Century Fox Television Heather MacDougall, Editor.

    I'm sure that the Emmy judges were drunk or something ... Kidding. TXF was up against some tough competition. "The Practice" is a good show and should have gotten some recognition.


    September 7, 1998

    Not much news at all going on! Here are the episodes so far:

    6X01 "The Beginning" Writen by Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz
    6X02 "Drive" Writen my Vince Gilligan
    6X03 "Ghost Ship" Writen by Chris Carter
    6X04 "Dreamland" Writen by Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz, (John Shiban?)
    6X05 "Dreamland II" Writen by Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz, (John Shiban?)

    For more details on these episodes, please check out my season six page!

    August 23, 1998

    OFFICIALLY know episode titles and writers:

    6X01 "The Beginning" Writen by Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz
    6X02 "Drive" Writen my Vince Gilligan
    6X03 (Untitled) Writen by Chris Carter

    August 22, 1998

    The X-Files movie is coming out Tuesday, October 13th in the US and Canada. If you can see, it comes out on 10:13! Neat!

    August 11, 1998

    The storyline surrounding Mulder's missing sister will be explored this season. Of the 6th season 22 episodes, 6 will relate to alien's conspiracy arc, including 2 two- part stories, one of which involves the mysterious Area 51. Other developments include a fourt-part story arc featuring Darren McGavin as agent Arthur Dales. Reccuring appearances by Mimi Rogers and Nicholas Lea. A change of attitude towards the paranormal by Scully, based on her experience in the movie. And probably the best news for shippers : Carter states : "I have imagined a scene where they both (Mulder and Scully) wake up in the same bed and they have lost 9 minutes. I think it would be kind of provocative". Possible appearance of Martin Landau.

    The X-Files II: "Invasion" Estimated release date: Summer 2000 Frank Spotnitz said last week that they are "far closer to closing a deal with FOX for a sequel" than before. Rumor has it that Chris Carter has already started on a script. Many rumors surround the plot of TXF2 -- that it will either be a standalone movie *or* the culmination of the mythology that by then will have been built for 7 years. Blurb on TXF2 from Dark Horizons: "The X-Files II - With 'The X-Files' permanently closed, Agents Mulder and Scully must go it alone to once and for all discover the truth about the conspiracy and the truth of alien existence."

    The X-Files: Fight the Future Video Release Rumored release date: Thanksgiving/Xmas season Chris Carter has said that he will be putting some scenes that were cut out of the theatrical release on the DVD version; most probably the Samantha storyline that was cut out of the scene with Mulder and WMM.

    August 10, 1998

    Fox Wants Another Movie The Buffalo News reported this week that Chris Carter has recently been contacted by 20th Century Fox, which wants to explore the idea of a second X-Files movie. Carter wouldn't say "how many years down the road he envisions Scully and Mulder hitting the big screen again."

    If there is another film, it might not be about the government-alien conspiracy. World Entertainment News Network quotes Carter as saying: "I have a lot of ideas but it's still a bit early. A second film might deal with less of an alien conspiracy and be more of a standalone, paranormal adventure for Fox Mulder and Dana Scully."

    August 4, 1998

    Since we first published this story, our sources have told us that the third episode of the season will be a homage to Alfred Hitchcock's 1948 film Rope. At this time it is unclear whether the episode will emulate the film's plot or it's rather unique filming techniques. Rope follows two young men, who kill a prep-school friend (just for fun) and then invite family and friends into the house where the body is still hidden, as a challenge. What made ripples when the film was released was the way in which the film was structured and shot. It consisted of short 8 minute segments, each of which was shot in one continuous take, and most props were on castors so they could be moved for camera angles. It's quite possible that the creative team on The X-Files will use a similar technique in this episode. Also recently confirmed was news that William B. Davis' character, officially titled Cigarette-Smoking Man, will appear in seven episodes this season, up from five in season five. "There was a pleasant increase in the money," Davis told the press as he made his way to California to start filming for this season. "[Davis] is going to be more prominent on The X-Files next season," his agent confirmed. "I hear he gets to wreak vengeance on the whole lot of them. He gets to stir the pot." And in news sure to bring a smile to many fans' faces, geek trio The Lone Gunmen are signed on for six episodes. Amen.

    August 3, 1998

    Now that all the hype has settled, and The X-Files movie has pretty much finished its major run in US cinemas, work is already underway on a sequel. The show's creator Chris Carter (right) revealed last month that FOX had approached him with the intentions of making a follow-on. "[Fox] called me for the first time and asked about the possibility of a second [X-Files movie]," he told journalists. "So I guess they're serious about it." Current speculation puts the movie around the year 2000, after what is expected to be the show's final, seventh season. For those early-adopters amongst us, here's some good news. Current rumours suggest that extra scenes which were cut from the theatrical release of The X-Files Movie will be reinstated for the DVD release. DVD (digital video stored on a special format CD) is a new standard and as such, FOX have yet to release any movies on DVD in the US. Chris Carter told the Seattle Times that the scenes which were cut from the movie (though they are still in the novelisation of the movie) will be on the DVD. Sources suggest that the scenes include hints regarding to the disappearance of Mulder's sister Samantha, and some extra screen time for Cigarette-Smoking Man. In semi-related news, unconfirmed rumours suggest that FOX may be releasing the first X-Files DVD soon in Region 2 (Japan; Europe, South Africa; Middle East; including Egypt). The classic first season episodes Squeeze and Tooms are expected to be available in those countries from September 18, and many are expecting an announcement soon regarding US release dates.

    July 31, 1998

    <<Late in season six we'll be seeing a multi part story set in AUSTRALIA. A good deal of this will be filmed in Arizona. None of these episodes have been written as of yet but it's being plotted through meticulously. This will be a Mulder focused story and also very heavy with CGI (computer generated imaging). Although this seems odd to me because I'm told that almost all of what's planned isn't designed to be eye grabbing but subtle for some reason. I'm fascinated to know what's being proposed because of such story telling devices are being discussed so carefully this early on. But that's all I could get on that. The Gist of the story is that Mulder travels to "The Island Continent" and comes to belive that a region there has been and will be again one of many contact points for humanity and extraterrestrial beings. Story details include some ancient aboriginal artwork depicting what Mulder thinks are EBE'S and a dissertation on the invention of the stone age Boomerang and it's connection to post modern aerodynamics (again by Mulder) . Some kind of exchange of learning between EBE's and local aboriginal people since the era of Stone age technology is another plot complication of this story arc. We learn that there are two forms of EBEs in season six and that one of these has been aiding the development of human consciousness. Human Consciousness is said to be the central theme in the sixth season. I think that this will be something unforgettable, the biggest thing since the movie. >>

    << There's been a lot of talk about how Chris Carter and his writers are going to progress the Mulder and Scully relationship after events in the film. Carter says in interviews that they're going to deal with the issue in season six and elaborate on the relationship. The Buzz that I'm getting is that IN FACT the writer's are scrambling to find a way to get around the whole situation. They're going to address it ONCE. That's the plan for now. It's going to be a SLIGHT thing and that's under order. In fact the whole sequence was placed in the film as a marketing technique. EXPECT next to NOTHING to come from the "near kiss" in season six. >>

    That is all . . . for now! But if you want to get up-to-date news weekly, sign onto my X-Files newsletter and mailing list ... you will always be informed!

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