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Mulder: "I had come here looking for answers, hoping not only to lay bare this conspiracy against the men behind it, but to finally learn the truth about the possibility of intelligent extraterrestrial life. Now, with what I've heard, my beliefs seem more and more improbable. The possibility of a cure for Scully somewhere inside these walls my only hope. But if I might find it, and somehow save her, the very existence of this cure would mean with certainty that I had believed in a lie from the start."

Mulder: "If I did indeed have the cure for Scully's cancer I was now as dependent on her as she was on me. As I had breached this facility, I needed to find my way out to safety, depending on Scully to weave her story, to tell her tale, to make them believe the lie."

Skinner: "As you compound the lies you compound the consequences for them." Cancerman: "I will not be cut out like this."

Cancerman: "I've always kept Mulder in check. I put this whole thing together. I created Mulder."

The Elder: "Agent Mulder is dead. Our FBI source confirmed it this morning. Mulder killed himself. Mulder was an asset. Without his partner we may have underestimated his fragility."

Cancerman: "I never underestimated Mulder. Still don't."

Mulder: "Did they give Agent Scully this disease? Did they do this because of me?"

Scully: "Mulder, how long has this been going on?" Mulder: "Maybe since the beginning, since you joined me on the X-Files." Scully: "That would mean that for four years we've been nothing more than pawns in a game. That it was a lie from the beginning. Mulder, these men, you give them your faith and you're supposed to trust them with your life."

Mulder: "There are those who can be trusted. What I need to know is who among them is not. I will not allow this treason to prosper, not if they've done this to you."

Scully: "Mulder, we can't go to the bureau making these accusations." Mulder: "No, but as they lie to us we can lie to them. A lie to find the truth." Mulder: "Keep going, FBI woman."

Skinner: "Your lying is on record, Agent Scully."

Scully: "And what about yours?"

Skinner: "On my desk is the pathology and forensics report for the body found in Mulder's apartment. Now you have to answer for yourself in five hours. As you compound the lies you compound the consequences for them."

Scully: "All lies lead to the truth, isn't that right?"

Mulder: "Level 4 clearance. That means I get to dine at the officers' club?"

Skinner: "Where is Agent Mulder? Your silence won't save you. Not with these people. And if you lie I don't know if anything can." Scully: "Except proof."

Blevins: "They're extremely serious charges." Scully: "Yes, Sir. But I have proof. Against the men behind this. Of the lies that I believed. What I have here is proof undeniable that the men who gave me this disease were also behind the hoax, a plot designed to lead to Agent Mulder's demise and to my own, planned and executed by someone in this room. What I have here is scientific evidence."

Mulder: "But I've seen aliens. I've witnessed these things." Kritschgau: "You've seen what they wanted you to see."

Mulder: "What? What is it?" Byers: "It's de-ionized water. It's nothing more than that."

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