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Telephone man (To kids): "A bee just stung me, eh? Well now, don't you all take the cake. Does your mom ever mix you up?"EVERYTHING DIES

Mr X: "Don't unlock doors you're not prepared to go through, Agent Scully."


Mulder: "So... which one of us gets to use the stun gun on Bruno Houtman back there?"

Mulder: "So why would she stab her boyfriend through the ear? The magic was gone?"

Scully: "Mulder, take a look at this. See this smeariness here? I'm thinking that it's heat damage. With the heater sitting under the film right there that the emulsion probably melted." Mulder: "So you think that might make it look like she posed, screaming, for a passport photo?"

Scully: "...Plus the film is two years out of date..that..."Mulder: "Oh..."

Scully: "...that the photographic chemistry could have changed..."

Mulder: "Yeah..."

Scully: "...the dyes fade... they... all right, so what's your theory?" Mulder: "I'm not sure I have a theory."

Mulder: "Is this what you see when you close your eyes, Jerry? Is that what you see? Jerry? Tell me where Alice Brant is."

Gerald Schnauz, Jr.: "She's safe... from Howlers. She's all right now."

Mulder: "...Then those photos wouldn't be his fantasies, they would be his nightmares."Scully: "What the hell does it matter now?"

Mulder: "Because I want to know."Scully: "I don't."

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