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Current opinions: Emmys.

I, for one, was truly disappointed. I hate to admit it but the show that beat out X-Files I have never seen. Have no idea what it is. David and Gillian should have each taken the Emmys. I am sad. ***Margaret***
I can't believe the X-Files didn't get a single Emmy on Sunday night. They should have gotten at least one or two, but none...that's mean. I wasn't very surprised that Andre Braugher (Homicide) got the Best Actor in a Drama Series, though I was really hoping David Duchovny to win. However, I was very, very mad that Christine Lahti (Chicago Hope) got the Best Actress in A Drama Series. Gillian Anderson should have won!!! How could the judges be so blind? The episode Anderson submitted, "All Souls", was a very emotional episode and it should have gotten her the Emmy. As for the Best Drama....what is "the Practice"? I never even heard of the show before and I can't believe it beat "The X-Files", "ER" and "NYPD Blue". Of course I was hoping "The X-Files" would win that category (I was literally praying that they would win the award. Guess it didn't work). I wouldn't have been so mad if "ER" won, but "The Practice"? Come on. That's my 2 cents on the Emmys. Goodbye and remember there's always next year :) ***Helen***
Yes, I think the Emmy Judges were WAAAAY drunk, MORE than 86 shots. They are soooo mean! David and Gillian really deserved it, but no! They had to pick other people! And "The Practice"! Here the show's totally unheard of. Why?!? Why oh why! It's just not fair! They must have been really drunk-they don't know they're making about 20 million people mad...oh well, I just wanted to say-"THE EMMY JUDGES ARE SO STUPID IT COULD BE AN X-FILE!" ***Kitty:)***
i think it is a whole government conspeircy thing. they know how much we like the XF and they know we are coming on to them, you know, the whole fact about them covering up about all the aliens. . . well, that is why we didn't win, they think if we don't win then we will stop watching, but they are so wrong. . .that will just want us to KEEP watching. bye! ***ATHENA2715***
I was so dissapointed today that I wore my XF shirt as a thing of respect for the XFiles! I felt SO MAD!!!!!! ***XFiler555***
Well, as you said, I was pretty dissapointed. Hopefully the best show on television will get recognized next year. But I don't think The Practice should have won. I would have rather lost to any of the others. I actually expected NYPD Blue to win, since they won so many others last night. But, oh well. I liked DD's presentation. He's quite a character! ***Sara Kling***
In all due respect, I believe that The X-Files got what they deserved. Granted, it's a wonderful show, but I think everyone has to admit it was lacking a little something this past year. Also, they really were up against tough competition. The Practice is an absolutly superb show that has really had to fight to maintain their standing and I was very happy to see them win. That doesn't mean I don't love TXF, I just think that others like The Practice had a better year and I'm hoping next year we can justly say that The X-Files deserves the emmy. ***Jess :D***
Hello! Well, I was dissappointed a little, well, maybe a lot, but I am glad that the Practice got some recognition. It is a good show, but I've heard, and seen actually, that it is now on at the same time as The X-Files! Oh the horrors! I like that show. I think Gillian Anderson was genuinely suprised when Christine Lhati (sp?) got the emmy. But I thought it was cute what David Duchovny did, he was just like, sure, him, oh naturally it wasn't me. I don't know, I thought it was cute. I liked the little thing DD and Gary Schandling did before presenting, but wonder why GA didn't say anything, accept the nominees and winner. I suppose it just wasn't in the script. Over all, a pretty good emmy show though, aside from the dissappointment. I also liked GA's dress, a lot! well, that is all for now! talk to you later! :o) ***abby***
Hi. This is the first time I have written to you so I'll make is short and Sweet. WHAT WERE THE JUDGES THINKING???????? I don't really care about DD becuase personally I think he's a shithead but GA should have won without a doubt. I wanted either ER or the X-Files to win ( not in that order) so I am especially pissed well that's all for now. ***G.W. ***
I really think they should have won more ! I mean The X-Files is more realistic then some other shows , j/k ! :-)
I think that David and Gillian should have gotten Best Actor/Actress in a Drama series! I think that they are better than the people who got the awards. ***whitney***
I don't know why I watch the Emmys every year; it's almost always a disappointment. I think there is still the "sci-fi" stimga where the X-Files is concerned, no matter how ludicrous that is. The Academy (both the Emmy and Oscar Academies, for that matter) still thinks that anything dealing with the paranormal, science fiction, or fantasy, is less important and to be taken less seriously than "normal" fiction. They don't seem to care that the X- Files is the best-written, best-acted, best-shot series on television. Oh well. There's always next year....;) ***Jan***
Oh, well. Just another example of Science Fiction not being "good enough" for the "main stream". I know this is an XF newsletter, but, it's just like none of the Star Trek actors ever getting recgonized. It seems like the only people in Sci - Fi show who get any credit are the Make - Up and Special Effects people, and although they do a magnificaent job, most shows are more than that. It takes writing, acting and directing too. And it's obvious that The X - Files, ( and other Science Fiction shows ) have plenty of good writing, acting, and directing, because if they didn't then no one would watch them. Just look at the top money making movies of all time, BEFORE TITANIC, Star Wars, ET, Jurassic Park, all Science Fiction. ( I know there are others, like The Lion King and Forrest Gump, and while they were both excellent films, they are not Science Fiction, and therefore do not contribute to my argument. ) Millions of people went to see them. >>>sigh<<< I guess you can't fight city hall. ***liz***
I also am dissapointed at the fact that the X-Files didn't get that many Emmy's...but you're right - it was up against some great shows. Now what I want to know is: What on earth was Gillian wearing?!?!? My friend said she was wearing something different when she came in - I didnt' get to see that part...but the outfit sounded why'd she change into whatever she was wearing later?? Or am I the only one who thought it looked awful?:o) ***Audrey***
Yeah, it was really sad how they didn't win. I was soooo positive that Gillian was going to win, at least. I think she was even surprised that she didn't win... did you see the face she made when they called out Christine Lati's name? ***=) Tamie***
Unfortunately, I didn't get to see the Emmys. I didn't realize they were on until around 8 o'clock. My fiance and my sister were much more interested in the Fox Sunday Night Lineup than the Emmys. So needless to say, I ended up watching "Inside the X-Files", but from my understanding I didn't miss much. Who hosted it anyway? Actually, I have opinions about the day after. I know, this is a very old issue with many X-Files, but I have to say it. Joan Rivers needs to get a life. I don't watch much t.v., but from what I did see, and from what I heard about the next day, Joan Rivers took every chance she could get to say something about Gillian Anderson's breasts. What is her obsession? Who cares! (Okay well, I'm sure some people do) I don't know, I think that is just tasteless. I think it would be excusable if it was a comment in passing, but to obsess over it? This has gone on so long, this obsession. That's what psychologists are for. She obviously has her own feelings of inadequacy that needs to be resolved. Since she has yet to resolve her issues, she feels it necessary to talk about other people on television. I just think there had to have been something better from the night for her to talk about. I don't think the highlights of the Emmy's were Gillian's breasts. I think JR is very jealous of GA. She always complains about what Gillian wears. Maybe some of her dresses are a little too much. Perhaps most women wouldn't feel comfortable wearing them. None of that matters. The important thing is obviously Gillian feels comfortable enough to wear the dress. If everyone could feel that comfortable wearing whatever they choose to wear without worrying what others might think of them, this world would be a better place. It takes self-esteem to do something like that. It takes lack of self-esteem to trash someone for doing something like that. I don't feel that that's the type of thing you take about on television in front of millions of viewers. Then again, I also don't think it's right to attack people that a) don't attack you and b) who aren't there to say something. However, that's how JR makes her living. That's the only thing she can do. There is no talent in that. Anyone could have a show where they make comments in poor taste about others. I know this whole JR problem with GA thing goes back a long ways. I just think it's about time JR got a life. From the best of my knowledge, Gillian has never said anything publicly (hey, in show business -- that's all that counts) about JR. Gillian has much more class than Joan. Joan only makes herself look bad when she makes tasteless comments about Gillian. I'm glad that Gillian is above it, and just lets it go. JR really looks pathetic, because it is so many years later, and Gillian has yet to say anything in poor taste about JR publicly. (If I'm wrong on this, I'm sure someone will tell me). Sorry for the rant. ***Jenniferelise***

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