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SOME religions believe the pyramids are a map ( space ) to the stars and also some pyramids have pits in them that have no ending ( endless pits ). In a document from ex-governemnt sources it has been said that in the middle of the earth roam spirit beings, who come up to the earth and steal things for their existance, they try not to have much contact with the humans, but sometimes cannot help it. Do they come from these pits they call endless? Why are people so afraid of the Tombs and their curses? When you were to be buried and you were a great royal, mummys vital organs were sucked out through the nosehole, the heart was left as it was needed when you were judged in the next world. Scarab ( the beetle ) symbolising the sungod Khepri ( beetles can fly ) also cats were considered sacred animals in ancient eygpt and cats have excellent eyesight. The symbol of the eyes for the egyptians was used greatly and this was to see into the future or into peoples souls or maybe to see into the stars far away.? Eagles or birds were widely used in egyptian times as well as the eye symbol ( cats have great eyesight ). While Europe lay rotting in the grip of the Dark Ages, a civilization half-way across the other side of the world was enjoying their " Golden Period ", the area now divided between southern Mexico and Guatemala the Maya raised sacred cities adorned with pyramids larger than those of ancient egypt. Thier buildings were jewelled with carvings of great intricacy and beauty, and Maya society seems to have been equally ceremonial and decorative. They were not an impractical people, their astronomers made observations and calculations astounding todays modern standards. Yet when they were at their height of achievements, they left their cities and vanished so they say into the jungles, when the Spanish discovered the Maya cities in the 18th century, they had been abandoned for a thousand years.

Maya's have actually predicted the end of the world to a precise and accurate date, being the 23rd December 2012, their calenders have been precise to the day, date, time, minute and seconds, and they obtain their information from the stars. The Maya's also sacraficed their newborns ( culling ) and also to keep the gods happy and to ensure a bumper crop, the Mayan King would cut a slit in his penis, drain out some of his blood, take it to the altar room and drink his blood, he would do this until his prayer came true. 'This being his ultimate sacrifice.' Why did such a thriving, developing civilisation suddenly disappear?

If you were to sit on top of a mountain and ask yourself what would you see, you would see everything aound you. ( through your eyes ) A eagle sees through his eyes even at the smallest lizard on the ground from a large distance away. One of the most famous stories going around in the history books is the "Roswell Case ", an alien craft crashed in the New Mexico desert near Roswell and that civilians arriving at the crash site witnessed dead and injured aliens, when the so-called military got to the crash site they confiscated the 'alien craft', and the aliens and initiated a major cover up. Do Tax payers realize that 26 billion American dollars have been used per year, sounds extreme to say the least. The so-called story has been going on for many years, rumours abound by inconclusive evidence. " Roswell Fever ", has struck first off with US congressman Steve Schiff recently, of the GOA demanding the release of offical documents, relating to the event, and more so the emergence of film footage of the so-called " Military dissection of two (2) of the alien corpses in 1947. " The alien autopsy has been somewhat of a major and most preposterous hoax and with great effective stunts ever. The film has divided opinion, but is it of sufficent apparent authenticity to warrant a closer examination. Did we come from another planet or were we placed to be an experiment and for elders to come back every century to examine the species. Down in history the books have written about a civilization that disappeared off the face of the earth, never to be seen again, ( Mayan's) did the 'examiners ' come and take the species (humans) back to their planet, all 5000 of them, or more. We are to be visited by aliens now, but we have modern technology to take out the earth, ( Nuclear weapons ) what would it do to an alien ship, why havent they attacked us as yet? We are still being examined to this day as we are still the species but we have progressed beyond a doubt? In the biblical times and centuries before that, they have written about men in suits with round heads coming from the stars in big plane/ships/crafts being able to fly, have they been here all along.?

~~~ Suzi Campbell


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