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There is finally a poll! It has to do with aliens!
    Well, this page will be a page where, if you have a club or would like to join a club, this is where you go! It is organized by topic and such!

    [ General X-Files | Trivia Clubs | Contests | David Duchovny / Fox Mulder | Gillian Anderson / Dana Scully | Protest Pages | Other ]

    * General X-Files *

    Starbuck's Quizzarama!!! It has quizzes, thus the name :), a weekly newsletter, full of XF and other entertainment information and updates, and lots of really good links.

    URL - Description - My page is devoted to the X-Files and Sailor Moon. (My two favorite shows) I have a ton of pics from the X-Files, character profiles, fobidden sound files (including blooper reels), and my own comments and opinions on the X-Files. Enjoy!

    AV's X-Files Newsletter -- A newsletter ALL about The X-Files! You will find quizzes, polls, opinions from members, "X" news, some fanfic, questions, XF pages from the net AND MORE! Join now, and join hundreds!

    The Bee Squadron -- This is a NoRomo (Non-Shipper) club that has a bi-monthly newsletter. It also gives out cool awards for good deeds you have done! Very cool.

    It's a weekly newsletter (although it'll probably turn into a bi-monthly once school starts for me) that has trivia, polls, a countdown to the season premier, and (whenever possible) news. If anyone's interested, please e-mail me ( Thanks! And I'm looking forward to hearing from you! :o)

    * Trivia *

    The Truth Is In Here: The X-Files Trivia -- Weekly X-Files trivia ... fun ... simple ... and lots of fun. Join now by emailing Julie M Haske.

    * Contests *

    Open Invitation to Participate in an X-Files Movie Inspired Fanfic Contest!!! For contest information, official rules, and an entrance application go to: The Realm of Paranormality. Follow the link to The Basement Office which is where the Contest is being announced. Those of you who love to read fan-fic, check back in two weeks and vote on the stories. Questions? e-mail: SA

    * David Duchovny/Fox Mulder*

    LFMB, Lovers of Fox Mulder Brigade and we talk about X-files and David Duchovny. If anyone wants to join email

    * Gillian Anderson/Dana Scully*

    Fans of Gillian Anderson Weekly Newsletter! Website! Chat! And More! Perfect for any Gillian-loving X-Phile! E-Mail:

    WWSD What Would Scully Do, and the address is

    * Protest Pages *

    * Other *

    Well, that is the end! If you have a page, club, newsletter, organization, mailing list ... WHATEVER ... please send it in to me!


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