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YES! The X-Files is starting its new season November 8st (changed from 1st)! I have managed to sift through mailing list, after newsletter, after newsgroups for this info!

Information for episodes 6X01 to 6X06!

6X01: "The Beginning" (part 2 of 2)

Air Date: November 8, 1998

Season premiere: November 8st after the World Series. HOWEVER, I got this blurb off of Spoilerville: "The two front-runners in spoiler circles have the premiere airing around Mid-to-End September or on November 1. CC is reported to have said November 2 (though that falls on a Monday, so he had to have meant the first) in his recent radio interview. FOX has the world series again this fall, so this date would make sense. By waiting until after the world series ends, Carter doesn't risk losing the attention of his newly acquired (movie) audience. However, the September date has also been mentioned frequently. September would indeed make more sense if we are back to a full 24 episode season again. Of course, if the premiere is pushed back to November and we still get a full load of episodes, we may be thankfully spared of incessant reruns. And that's always a good thing ." Rumored production team:

Written by Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz.

Directed by Kim Manners.

Rumored cast: Mulder/Scully (obviously), Diana Fowley, Agent Spender, Gibson, Skinner, CSM. No Krycek or Lone Gunmen.

Other 6X01 tidbits: CC has stated that the "intense hallway scene" from the movie will be addressed in the season premiere.


6X02: "Drive"

Air Date: November 15, 1998

Writer: Vince Gilligan Director: Rob Bowman

>From Demona3755: <<It is rumored that the X-Files might be expanded to include more agents including Fowley in this ep (I still hold out that this isn't true).>>

<<Story is said to revolve around M&S's cardrive home after a case. *Remember M&S are infamous for their car conversations* Possibly heavy 'shippiness and dialogue. If Vince Gilligan is scripting this as some have stated we might be witness to another "Detour" type episode.>> >From Autumn, Extex, and Mr. Spooky: (No quote)

-Think Speed with Deadlier Consequences, Cars instead of Buses, and strange occurences of people dying in their cars with there head having exploded.

-A very shippy episode!


6X03: "Ghost Ship"

Air Date: ?

Autumn has posted to ATXF that it sounds like a Star Trek Episode set on the holodeck. If so, this explains the 1939 setting. She also noted that, like PMP, we'll be left guessing how much was real.

Here's some random stuff posted on spoilerville: Scully in a long red satin dress and curls in her hair, time travel of some kind, add in some Nazi soldiers, the LGM, and Skinner.. and a ballroom scene.

>From Laura: Oh, and for those who asked about the *shippiness* quotient - unless things have changed since filming started, this episode is extremely *shippy* in parts, in the way PMP was *shippy*: i.e., it doesn't happen in the *real world*, so CC lets them get away with a lot more than usual. Emphasis on A LOT. (This one is much shippier than PMP -- unless CC changed his mind somewhere along the way.) But, of course, it's not *real*. So CC can please both the shippers and the noromos. Also, from Haven for FBI's Most Wanted, here is a description of the set for the third episode: "The X-Files is shooting an episode in my home town of Long Beach! They are shooting on and around the Queen Mary. My uncle was working security and he happened to get ahold of a Daily Call Sheet. By reading the set and scene descriptions, it appears that part of the episode is set in 1939 - but Scully and Mulder are there during that time. Skinner, CSM and the LGM are on the Queen Mary too, as are a bunch of Nazis. I'm going to go hang around the set on Monday and see if I can meet anyone. They will be shooting there through Tuesday.

"I was on the set and Gillian was wearing, for filming, a long, burgandy dress with matching shoes, and necklace, tons of makeup on, and her hair was parted down the middle and put up on the sides and then curled... Very un-Scully like (and it looked as if she had gone back in time). The episode is rumored to take place in 1939, in split time, CSM, TLG, Skinner, Mulder and Scully are all supposed to be in the ep, and Nazis."

(8/17/98) Autumn (a reliable source) posted on the newsgroups that episode 3 is looking less like it will be shot in real time but will mimic Hitchcock's "Rope" "in terms of its cinematography, perhaps (I guess that means very long shots)." and she also says that this episode will be WEIRD

(8/15/98) From GF: According to Mr. SP00KY from AOL, rumors that this is shot on 1 set are wrong. According to him, it's two sets: On a ship and at the FBI. Part of this ep, will be filmed in a very public place.

More From Autumn; I suspect they'll do some cool shots that mimic some of what has been used in films like "Rope", but as far as content goes this one is starting to sound like The X-Files version of one of those Star Trek holodeck episodes. In a word: WEIRD.

MR.SP00KY added: Everything from split screens to, well Chris trying for another emmy :) It's one of those PMP eps where they leave it up to you to decide if it really happens or not.


6X04 "Dreamland" [Part 1 of 2]

Air Date: ?

Area 51.


6X05 "Dreamland II" [Part 2 of 2]

Air Date: ?

Area 51 continued.


6X06 "Terms of Endearment"

All I know is that Bruce Campbell is in it, and this is what he said at his official site:

"I play a demon with a heart of gold and I'm sporting a new haircut. Be prepared -- it's VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY short..."

Other season rumors:

-- An estimated 6 out of 22 eps will be Mythology. -- Area 51 two-parter scheduled for November sweeps. -- Darren McGavin returns as Agent Dales for a possible 4-part mytharc. -- Usual Krycek mytharc planned for February sweeps. -- TXF will go on through season Seven, after which a new movie will premiere in the summer of 2000. Working title: "The X-Files: Invasion." Rumor also has it that the countdown to colonization terminates at the end of season 6.


The Movie has been released, and the new season is nearly in site. Although the premier of Season 6 is not expected until October, this is the page you will find all of the latest news, rumors and gossip on the upcoming season.

So here's what I have got so far :-


. Season 6 Premier (USA) Scheduled for LATE OCTOBER/EARLY NOVEMBER This is to allow cast some extra time off for shooting the movie last summer.

The sub-plot involving Mulder and what exactly happened to his sister (which was originally invented for the movie but ultimately excised because it was considered to be something that only fans would understand) will be resolved.

Scully will experience a change of belief concerning the existence of alien life based largely on her adventures in the movie.

Diana Fowley, played by Mimi Rogers, will return for several episodes during next season as an in-the-field X-Files agent.

Darren McGaven, the star of Kolchak: The Night Stalker (which is widely credited by Chris Carter as the inspiration for The X-Files) is planned to appear in a four-story arc as the ex-FBI agent who started the X-Files. Travelers 1 - 4. We hope not !!!

. William Gibson who wrote "The Kill Switch" is set to write a follow up episode, but speculation says that the episode will take a completly new storyline - but carrying on the first episode as a subplot. Tom Maddox is expected to co-write.

William B Davis wants to do "Musings of a CSM 2" rumored to be titled "El Fumatore"

. And watch out for that all big X-Files/Millennium crossover expected mid-season. Fox executive Peter Roth has said that it is very possible for Frank to meet Fox and Dana.

. Spender is back, to learn more about his so called father, as well as the tie-in and final resolution to the Samantha storyline.

. While Mulder and Scully probably still won't get together this season. There relationship will move in new directions

Known crew members returning are:-

Chris Carter Frank Spotnitz Vince Gilligan John Shiban Rob Bowan Kim Manners

Cast who won't be returning include:-

RW Goodwin and many other loyal crew members

Darin Morgan is rumored to do a follow up to "Jose Chung's From Outer Space", but this may not happen until Season 7. Depending on schedules and availible time.

The David Duchovny rumored episode "The Empire" was a false claim. David said on Live Chat, that he had no plans to write/direct an episode in the near future.



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