Graphics Designing Contest

OK. Well, I've decided to have another X-Files randm Link Exchange logo designing contest. It is open to ANYONE who wants to join in. It is lots of fun! It hope more people make logos so it can be bigger than last time -- but last time was still good. Here is what happens:

<*> You, the members, design a random link exchange icon! (Size: 70 to 80 pixels in height, and 80 to 120 pixels wide!) Have fun! There is only two requirements: {1} It has to have the text "Random X-Files Link" or "X-Files Random Link" on it. You can add "Exchange" if you want. {2} The picture has to be X-Files-ish, alien-ish, or have one of the characters or actor/tress on it! But other than that, go wild!

<*> I have seem that some people are awesome at designing logos and make gif images! I hope to see more people than last year since we have almost double the amount of people! Even if you're not that confident, everyone is welcome!!!!

<*> Yes, you can make more than one to go into the contest. As many as you want (but two or three should be max.)

<*> How do we decide the winner? Well, a good old-fashioned vote! I will place all the graphics on a page with a check-box beside them and you can vote ONCE! If there is a tie, I will break it.

I hope EVERYONE participates!


OK everyone. Be sure to keep working on the graphics, but whenever you can, please be part of the "Find That Page!" contest!

What Do You Do?

- There is a page in the random exchange that has the words WINNER! on it. If you can find that page before everyone else, you win! But you'll need to email me first! So find the page, and look at great X-Files sites at the same time! What a way to win!